p1010932 p1010934Each child has a great potential inside; when this potential is realized and used properly, the kid could turn into a smart and successful individual. Our task – to help our children open up, to teach them to use their abilities to the fullest extent. We associate ourselves with the shape of a line to signify loyalty to this philosophy. Orange for us means freedom of creativity, the ability to look at everyday things from unusual angles, the desire to paint the world in bright colors.

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Enrichment Classes and Kids Activities Available in Staten Island

It is important to nurture kids with activities that would help them be the best they can be.  These activities can be enrichment classes for kids such as art, music, languages, math, reading and writing, among others.

We, at Orange Line, understand the importance of enrichment classes for kids. That is why we offer a wide variety of kids activities and classes in Staten Island.

Some of our enrichment classes for kids include art, music, LEGO Robotics, chess, math and Russian language, to name a few.

We have highly skilled and professional mentors who facilitate these kids activities. We also have complete facilities, tools, equipment and resources to help them in their learning journey.

If you want to know more about our kids activities and enrichment classes (writing, reading, art, music, math, etc.) in Staten Island, please contact us at 347 201 1867 or email us at info@orangelinekids.com.

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