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Posted on January 21st, 2009

The class promotes: Logical thinking Combinatorial thinking Nonstandard thinking Imagination Fine motor skills Individual and Group Projects: Cities (cities, planes, cars, etc.) Egyptian Pyramids Castles Zoo Airport Dinosaurs Pirates Other All children are born great scientists: they learn from the example of all that surrounds them. They touch, push, build, break … In other words, […]

Drawing and Painting: In the World of Art

Posted on January 19th, 2009

Teacher: Victoria Usova This course includes the following themes (2 classes per theme): Prehistoric cage drawings, modelling of animals Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Ancient Rome The Middle Ages The Renaissance Impressionism Abstract Art Kids will: visit prehistoric cages and will try to draw using coal; discuss pharaohs and pyramids; draw their own Ancient Greek vase; […]

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Create and Improvise: World of Fairytales

Posted on January 19th, 2009

Teacher: Jenya Frid This course is for young artists who fell in love with the world of stories and fairytales. In this class students will: Create their own books, as well as several other interesting projects Develop imagination, fantasizing and creative thinking Experiment using various art techniques and materials Magically transform into the favorite fairytale […]

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Logic and Fantasy

Posted on January 15th, 2009

Teacher: Natalya Makarova Teacher: Yuliya Volchok Lessons promote natural curiosity, which all kids possess.  Classes will concentrate on: Getting to know the world around us Development of visual and logical thinking Development of attention and visual memory Development of imagination Development of speech Development of mathematical thinking

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Sledding on Staten Island

Posted on January 11th, 2009

What do you think about when it snows?  Most people think about showels and salt, horrible commute and wet feet.  Not me.  I think about sledding.  Yes, sledding.  Unfortunately, it only snows about 1.5 times a year on average in our area.  If you miss it, the odds are you will not get another chance […]

Create and Improvise

Posted on January 7th, 2009

Teacher: Victoria Usova Teacher: Jenya Frid Our young artists (3-4 year-old) will learn to create paintings for various topics: Ocean Seasons of the year Holidays Animals People and portraits Fairytale illustrations Lessons will emphasize: Using the whole page for drawing Proportions and parts of human body Mixing of colors Ability to use and control paint […]

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Polina Telerman

Posted on January 5th, 2009

Education: Cernovcy State University (Cernovcy,  Ukraine) – Teacher of Russian Language and Literature Adelphi University, New York (MS, 1993; MS, 2003) – Special Education; English as a Second Language License of New York State in Special Education and TESOL Experience: Teaching Russian Language and Literature in the former Soviet Union Teaching ESL in public schools […]

Natalya Makarova

Posted on January 5th, 2009

Education: Experience: “Where do gifted and talented children get their gifts and talents?  How to help kids find and cherish their special abilities?  When should we start help children develop their talents?  How to make students want to learn with true passion and get joy out of learning new things?  I started asking myself these […]

Maya Shrago

Posted on January 5th, 2009

Marina Kalinovsky

Posted on January 5th, 2009

Education: Classes of academic drawing in Repin Institute Institute of theater, music and cinema Private lessons from Ludmila Kucenko in Saint Petersburg Experience: Working in art schools and studios Private lessons “I strive to teach children how to use materials freely, to help them discover rewards of creative work and to cultivate respect for art […]