Ed Selling

Posted on February 11th, 2009

I am a retired NYC Fireman. I have been teaching chess to children for eight years. I believe chess has many benefits for kids. From being able to focus and think ahead to having confidence in their own ability to learn. Sportsmanship, whether you win, lose, or draw, is extremely important to me and the class as a whole. I am not looking to create Chessmasters, but people who can calmly work their way through problems placed before them in life.

I have been playing chess seriously for 40 years and am the Vice President and 2009 Club Champion of the Staten Island Chess Club. My rating is over 1700 and my correspondence rating is in the 1800’s.

I firmly believe that, with a bit of effort from student and teacher, anyone can become a decent player. When the beginner plays a reasonable game; when the more advanced students grasp the subtle moves that win or lose – that makes the teaching fun for me!

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